Focused on helping our residents and communities thrive

Developing housing solutions that communities embrace

You know how good it feels when you’ve found the right home for you and your family — a home that provides more than shelter, a home with a sense of safety, comfort, and community.

Unfortunately, today’s residential real estate economics put places like that out of reach for a significant portion of the population. Community leaders understand the importance of encouraging high-quality housing across the economic spectrum. Our team provides a valuable partner that can navigate the complexities in affordable housing development.

Sullivan Development fills the gap, using a proven approach to create housing solutions that enriches communities while helping families thrive. Our philosophy is built around a long-term investment focus and genuine collaboration. We seek to be a catalyst of change for communities by creating pillars that those communities can grow upon.

We don’t develop an idea and try to fit it into a community. Instead, we talk with local officials and community members to identify needs, then work in partnership with local resources and government programs to create solutions to strengthen neighborhoods and help families thrive.

It’s not just a vision. It’s something our team has accomplished in communities across the nation. And we’re ready to bring our success to your community.