Extensive experience
Successful communities

Our team has created quality affordable housing throughout the U.S.

The Sullivan Development team brings many years of experience in creating affordable housing that enriches communities while helping families thrive. We work in partnership with local officials, community members, and government resources to meet needs in the most cost-effective ways since we understand the limited resources available for the development of affordable housing.


Sullivan Development’s team has solid experience with purchasing and improving underperforming buildings and complexes. We use the same community partnership approach that informs our development of new affordable housing communities.

We constantly strive to maximize the impact of available resources through a focus on efficient construction methods along with targeting those areas where our properties can have the greatest impact.

We’re always happy to take a look at existing projects, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Project Experience

Our professionals at Sullivan Development have built successful communities throughout the U.S., even in some of the toughest markets. By combining our expertise with a public-private philosophy and leveraging multiple funding sources, we’ve created desirable communities that enhance surrounding neighborhoods.