CITY, INDIANA — While Sullivan Development may be a new entrant in the nationwide effort to develop housing for people who have found it difficult to locate places they can afford to live, its team brings considerable experience to the challenge.

The Indiana-based company is headed by John Sullivan, who has been a successful leader in affordable housing development for more than 15 years. After heading affordable housing efforts for a respected national developer, Sullivan decided the time was right to recruit others who shared his philosophy of affordable housing.

“Our approach is unusual in a number of ways,” Sullivan explains. “We take a significantly more collaborative approach than most companies in our industry, working closely with local community officials and resources to deepen our understanding of unique issues and craft solutions focused on enhancing surrounding neighborhoods. We also believe in long-term stewardship of the communities we develop, instead of simply moving on to the next project.”

Sullivan has earned a reputation for success, overseeing the development of top-quality affordable housing developments in markets across the U.S., with a heavy emphasis in Midwestern markets such as Indiana, Ohio, and Iowa along with fast-growing markets like Seattle, Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, and Atlanta.

“There’s a well-documented shortage of affordable housing in America,” he adds, “and we see an opportunity to prosper as a company by helping communities do the same. We believe affordable communities can be every bit as desirable as the surrounding neighborhoods. I’m proud to have accomplished this many times in my career, and I’m excited to continue to achieve this objective through Sullivan Development.”